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About US

Neighborhood Art school

Welcome to the Neighborhood Art School. Where artists, neighbors, and art educators come together to foster creativity, learning, and connection. Through a diverse range of events, classes, and workshops, we provide a supportive space that encourages the development of artistic and teaching practices.

Our inclusive community is built upon a few core beliefs: Everyone has something to learn and teach at every age, our learning environment is wherever we are, and that we are on a lifelong learning journey together. Whether you are a seasoned artist, a beginner exploring your creative side, or an art enthusiast, you will find a welcoming and inspiring environment to nurture your artistic journey.

At our events, you can engage with neighbors, experience amazing work, share ideas, and find accountability and inspiration for both your creative practice and your teaching practice. Our intergenerational approach ensures a rich and diverse experience where different perspectives and life experiences unite to create something transformational for us all.

We bring together artists, neighbors, and educators to host in-person and online events and classes so that we can develop our creativity together.
We are a learning community
on a learning journey
in a learning environment

Learning Community

Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. At every age.

Learning Environment

A classroom is a learning environment, and so is our home, our block, nature, and the internet. We used the NAS Network to smoothly transition between these spaces.

Learning Journey

Because learning can happen anywhere, we use the NAS network to connect with each other in shared rhythms. Through monthly themes, weekly questions, and daily prompts, we are able to gain momentum in our work through communal support, and encouragement

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