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NAS Mighty Network

Neighborhood Art School brings together artists, neighbors, and educators to host in-person and online events so that our neighborhood can develop our creativity as a community.

The Neighborhood Art School Network is meant to further connect those getting together at in-person events, build community, and enable further learning.  The NAS Network is intended as a place where people can feel free to express their practice, their being as a person, and how they are trying to negotiate their creative journey.

Below is an overview of the major sections of the site.

  • Welcome Desk - Landing page and introduction to the neighborhood art school, tutorials for navigating around the platform, collecting feedback and this page as a site layout

  • Commons- Introductions (meeting other members), Share Your Practices (where prompts, polls, and questions will be posted for people to engage with), and

    • Neighborhood History - a section within the commons for focusing on art history, sharing stories from the neighborhood, coffee talks, and sound maps that bring into focus the neighborhood - and the stories associated with it - as a rich learning environment. A place for really digging into the past and how it connects to the present.

  • Learning Opportunities - This will be the catch-all space to post different events - such as courses, workshops and meetups.  The aim is to make it so everyone can easily see the kind of resources available to participate in. Tags such as #workshop can help differentiate each kind of activity being shared within the Share Your Events space.

  • Resources - Office Hours support current and would-be teachers as they develop courses and deepen their teaching skills. The time bank is a way to exchange resources and time.

  • Teachers - this is a space where individual teachers can have pages to focus on their specialized area of expertise and where learners can interact with each other and the teacher within this area

  • Walkable Spaces- Local nonprofits looking to be available and accessible to community - through their own programming or access to their physical space for events

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