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General Space Info


Stove, small refrigerator with limited space, ceramic mugs & dishes for up to 20 people.  



is on the second floor.



There is an ADA accessibility ramp at the back of the building for anyone to enter into the space through the backdoor. This only provides access to the ground floor space.  The bathroom is upstairs only. 



Is available on the street out front. There are steps to go up from the sidewalk to the front door. 

Shared space

The N.A.S. Hub is a shared community space. There are two private offices upstairs, which may be used during your class or event in other spaces. A class or event could happen on the ground floor at the same time as in the upstairs studio. This means both groups would share the bathroom and the kitchen during the same hours. If you need access to both spaces, you could possibly rent both spaces at the same time.

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